ArtVentureNFT is the center of all forms of art. We intend to be the bridge between the real world and the digital world. Ready to be an intermediary to prove the copyright of works through Digital Scanning and Blockchain technology ‼️

Normally, works of art, whether they are paintings, sculptures, or mixed media, usually have a certificate as a symbol confirming the characteristics, details, and authenticity certified by the creator of the work. always attached to the work. The purpose of this is to record information and use it to confirm authenticity, but when 10 or 100 years pass, the certificate may deteriorate until the recorded information disappears. Therefore, it is necessary to use an intermediary or organization to inspect the artwork. There is a possibility that future generations may not completely receive the message that the artist intended to convey.👀

The rise of Blockchain technology has revolutionized many fields in the world, especially the art world. The existence of NFTs makes digital art extremely valuable. Because it provides the ability to upgrade common digital files to 1/1 works, or the only one in the world.

The important thing is another evolution of the data management system using blockchain, which comes with decentralized data processing and storage technology. It is a decentralized data recording format that uses cryptography principles that provide a high level of security. Together with the consensus mechanism, which is the agreement of the majority of people, we cannot intervene to change the system that has already started working. If there are any modifications, they can be publicly inspected. With all these capabilities, NFTs have gained credibility and become valuable assets.

ArtVentureNFT, having seen such benefits, NFT has been used to represent certificates in digital form. By recording all work information as NFT on the Blockchain system, in addition to work information, you can also view the original, high-resolution images. In some pieces, there will be AR animations that the artist has developed further from the prototype to enhance the storytelling experience🔎

As mentioned above, the traditional certificate issuance system is subject to deterioration and has the potential to produce inaccurate information. Therefore, using a digital format is an attractive option. Because humans are evolving into a fully digital era, it is possible to predict that “as long as humanity exists, NFT certificates will continue to exist.” ✨️

In addition to being useful as a certificate to confirm works of art in the real world, NFT art is now also a digital asset that can be traded and exchanged, and some can provide benefits to the holder on various important occasions as well. In the future, we may be able to display our collected works of art in a realistic virtual world 🚀🌜

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