A special phenomenon with the artist who created 9 toys Character comes with all 9 “American Custom Classic Cars.”.

At the “CarVenture Classic Car” event, you will find an exhibition of 9 real American cars inspired by “Toy Character American Classic Car Limited Edition.”

It comes with holographic technology to prove copyright with “Digital Scan,” which is full of fun AR displays through the ArtVentureNFT application.

On display from March 19–24, 2024, at River Park, G Floor, ICONSIAM.

Artists List💡

1) PUCK (Tripuck Suphawattana)

Character: World Boy
Classic Car: 1952 Cadillac Custom

No matter how much time has passed, it’s still elegant and full of stories. It is a car that, no matter how long it passes, the world will never be able to forget. When talking about beauty and remembering, it makes me think of
Time Traveler is a time traveler that will take everyone back to good, memorable times.

“Jump into the car with WORLD BOY, we will take you back to the old world. Pictures of good times that you still remember.”

2) Nonworld (Vachira Petmaneenilsai)

Character: Qtako 
Classic Car: 1959 LincoIn Convertible

Inspiration for the design of the Qtako Octopus Surfs Lightning Car or the Lightning Racing Octopus Car. It comes from the story of the Penguin Village racing episode in Dr. Slump and Little Arale. Works of the late cartoonist Toriyama. In the story, there will be car design. Many unusual vehicles have impressed me since childhood with drawing work on custom cars and American models. Plus, the main story of Qtako himself already has a story. So I mixed it up until it was a rough story and added something like..

Qtako takes a spaceship to explore the planet Tako. Suddenly, the machine malfunctioned, so he flew down to the human world to repair the ship. But vehicle parts around the world are very expensive. In this event, Qtako takes on the role of a racer with a very cool customized car, a very powerful 1959 Lincoln Convertible, to compete in a racing car competition. Hoping to win a large sum of money to repair the plane and return to its home planet 🚀

3) Too (Natthapong Rattanachoksirikul)

Characters: Greenie & Elfie
Classic Car: 1960 Cadillac Convertible

With the shape and coolness of this model of car, I want to create a racing team of two partners to compete on the field to see who’s the best. It was inspired by racing in the 60s-70s, including the fashion of racing uniforms.

Greenie, the little angel, and Elfie, the mischievous miniature elephant, don their racing spirits in a luxurious 1960 Cadillac Convertible, ready to take on every challenge.

4) Pexil (Sirisilp Pingmuang)

Character: Splash
Classic Car: 1958 Chevrolet Impala

I intend to design the toy to remind us of when we were children. When we took scraps of cardboard, masking tape, and colored pencils, we cut them, assembled them, and painted them into toy cars. Wear it to run and have fun around the house. Along with imagining that we are racers, driving fast, running faster than anyone else…

Please don’t blink…this rabbit from another dimension is carrying a 1958 Chevrolet Impala with the power of its powerful legs.

5) Korn Neeyabhan (Nor)

Character: Korn Doll
Classic Car: 1948 Ford F1

This time, Korn Doll appears as a vintage wind-up toy with a 1948 Ford F1 car. He represents children who are ready to go on adventures in a world of limitless imagination.

When thinking of the Ford F1 pickup truck, we think of strength and ruggedness that can pass through all kinds of obstacles, including time. If life is a journey and we must choose to combine with one car to overcome obstacles on the road of life, It would have to be the Ford F1.

Throwing stories, both good and bad Loaded in the back of a pickup truck, then overcome obstacles until reaching the end of life.

6) Jwon (Sarayut Kurakaew)

Character: Dylie 
Classic Car: 1967 Cadillac

A tiny angel of death who loves admiring the scenery. Appearing in a classic black theme, traveling the world in a sleek and elegant 1967 Cadillac.

When I saw the color of the car and the body, I thought of the Italian mafia, aggressive, classic, and vintage. So I designed Dylie to have the look of a mafia gang leader. and the driving position, where you hold the steering wheel with one hand and the other arm rests on the body of the car. It’s the coolness that’s familiar from old movies. As for the car, I modified it to bring life to people who love cars. Cars are like friends. It’s like a child.

7) Kaze Studio (Koson Kajeekailas)

Character: Kongrit
Classic Car: 1955 Dodge Panel

This time, Kongrit dressed in a vintage look. Take on the role of the mafia protecting the money transport vehicle. Showing up is a very cool 1955 Dodge Panel that was originally used as a bank cash transport vehicle.

With a history of this vehicle, it was once used as a money transfer vehicle for the Government Savings Bank. So it was used to create the story that Kongrit was in charge of providing security for the money-carrying vehicle. He comes in a mafia-style outfit, holding a retro Tommy gun. The car has been adjusted to have curves. and scale it to be cartoonish to match the story and all event themes.

8) Pakorn Thananon

Character: Ai-Sam-Ta
Classic Car: 1950 Buick Custom

Actually, I always like American cars, especially Buick. They are American cars that have a clear identity. The hood, no matter what year it is, will have air vents lined up. That’s a Buick. And it seems like fate to be able to join this event. Buick is a car that is very rare in our country (Thailand). For example, 2 years ago I had the opportunity to drive a Buick on a trip to the other provinces, and out of nowhere, I had an accident, but that left an impression on me. As for the character of Ai-Sam-Ta (3 eyes), I wanted to make it look raw and fierce, with an edgy style to go with the hot rod style.

This Buick is a custom car that is unique to anyone else 😎

9) Jeerawut Boonchuynampon

Character: Colonel Gold Fang
Classic Car: 1955 Cadillac

A retired navy who is searching for the meaning of life with his beloved 1955 Cadillac.

“Colonel Gold Fang” is a work created by the NFT Bored Ape Yacht Club. It represents the Navy in the 50’s and comes with a beloved car, a Cadillac 1955.
….with a clear smile, inviting everyone to connect the past to the present technological world of fun in the digital scanning system.

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